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Fall Is Here - Are You Ready?

There's no doubt, when fall comes around, the flu, colds and fall allergies bring a whole new set of problems. Kids are back in school and this year, we even have "drug resistant lice". Who would have thought?

One of the major things happening that has been for the entire past year, as we've mentioned many times on our sites, is a huge increase in allergies and asthma problems amongst people. We've definitely noticed that this increase is mainly in women and children. You will probably notice a lot of people wearing the blue masks in public, more than ever before.

Some of our colleagues think it's something in chem-trails. I personally think this is a good possibility, but I also believe that the increase is also being caused by AXE products (an upcoming article here will explain more on that mess).

Life Frequencies Pro II and Rife Machine Extreme will get you through the season as far as as the flu and colds go. It's also a good idea to keep Echanacia on hand and the old standard - hot lemon and honey.

If you've never tried hot lemon and honey, you should. You simply heat up some water until it's almost boiling (or microwave it) and add two teaspoons of honey and squeeze about a tablespoon of lemon juice into it. This little combo has been used for many years for everything from colds, the flu AND allergies. Come to find out, the people that have been using this mixture for a couple hundred years were really on to something.

Now, through years of research and modern alternative health studies, lemon and honey are very powerful for healing.

Ahh...but we also have to consider holiday stress. Holiday stress can be more serious than one may think. Some people have problems with headaches, migraines, insomnia and even "flu-like" symptoms. These are stress related in many cases.

Stress lowers the immunity in the body and makes it susceptible to all kinds of diseases and more serious problems.

If you're already using Life Frequencies, we suggest that you run the TBSW "Stress Preset" for 5 or 10 minutes every two or three days. That's all it takes and it works wonders.

Another good idea, is to turn off the devices once in a while. Everyone seems to be glued to their tablets and smart phones. RF frequencies radiated from these things can cause severe anxiety. It may actually be a nice thing to get back to some basics. Draw something, write a letter.

You'll find that it will really add to your happiness...


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