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Happy Holidays!

For many years, we've delivered modern, powerful easy-to-use frequency therapy solutions via Life Frequencies and Rife Pro software. Our "high end" Life Frequencies software took off when we launched the 3rd generation Life Frequencies Millennium and Life Frequencies Professional.

The latest 4th generation Life Frequencies system is Life Frequencies Essentials. The results have been remarkable!

The development of bringing Dr. Royal Rife's brilliant work to the computer continues, as Rife Pro X2 outperforms the most expensive Rife Machines available today.

Product Spotlight - Rife Pro X2

Rife Pro X2


Anyone that's done their research on Rife Machines agrees - whether its the little plastic units they sell or a Rife Machine that costs thousands of dollars - they do not stand up to Rife Pro X2 in effectiveness, ease-of-use or features!

Rife Pro X2 came from the award winning Life Frequencies Professional and has all of its Rife Machine features and a TBSW system as well.


Rife Pro X2 Features :

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