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For 22 years, we've been on the leading edge of technology. Life Frequencies Systems have changed the way people think about health, and gives powerful alternatives to anyone who wants to get rid of health problems, get pain relief and more - using their computer.

The New Technology...

Rife Machines were based on resonance. For years, we've described the resonance effect, by the example of when a singer shatters a wine glass by singing a note. The note sang by the singer is the "resonant" frequency of the wine glass.  

With older Rife Machines (and some still out there), it was common to run through a number of frequencies, one at a time, while the person held on to hand-held electrodes. This was effective, however not always safe for the heart and could not be used with pacemakers. Also, using electrodes was not how the original Rife Machine functioned or was intended to be used.

Rife's original machine used a beam-ray tube (similar to those found in old TV sets). The tube emitted a beam on an RF frequency that was modulated with frequencies from the audio spectrum. These frequencies had a tendency to drift and were not always accurate. For the time period, it was still remarkable work on Dr. Rife's part, because he was literally in the "stone age" of the electronic world - before TVs were a household item and before Bardeen, Shockley and Brattain invented the transistor.

With the advent of modern computers, we no longer need to think about single frequencies, beam-ray tubes or RF frequencies. We now look at entire sets of frequencies that target specific conditions. It's the same resonant technology that Tesla invented and Rife brought to the biological world, it's just multiplied in effectiveness and stability.

Using multiple frequencies in with specific algorithms, makes it possible to use speakers and headphones to introduce frequencies. This is "heart safe", effective and the body responds naturally to sound waves.

We've designed the systems and brought this powerful technology to the public. It's been field, lab and university tested. Now, you can be a part of one of the greatest alternative health developments in history. 

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