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For many years, bztronics has been the software leader for frequency therapy. From powerful Rife Machine Software to advanced Life Frequencies Systems, it's now possible for all of us to take charge of our health - in the comfort of our own homes.

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There's an old saying..."What's bad for Wallstreet is good for Mainstreet. Yeah, you and I are "Mainstreet" (unless you're a millionaire / billionaire banker).

The media will tell you that the "sky is falling right now", because stocks aren't looking so good. But, think about it for a second...GAS is at $1.47 in some places. When was the last time we saw that? I bought a box of Raisin Bran for $1.99. A few months ago that same box was $4.99.

Right now, we have spending power. If everyone is convinced not to spend while we can actually afford it, it's all going to go back to Wallstreet. They'll go back to a BULL market and WE'LL be screwed again. Think about it...

Product Spotlight - Life Frequencies Essentials - The World's Most Powerful Alternative Healing System.

Life Frequencies Essentials

Life Frequencies Essentials is software that runs on your computer, that's based on years of proven scientific research and technology. Most of it's foundation is based on frequencies and "resonant frequencies".

It uses special algorithms with your computer speakers and headphones, that let you use your computer as a 21st century Rife Machine (with more power and effectiveness that any Rife Machine available - regardless of the cost), Pain Reliever, Detox System, overall Health Balance Tools and more. Cancer, Parasites, Insomnia, Stress? NO PROBLEM.

Life Frequencies Systems are the top of the line. Essentials has features that no other Rife Machine or alternative health system can compare to.

Life Frequencies Essentials Features :

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