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For over a decade, bztronics has been the leader in healing frequency therapy. From powerful Rife Machine software to advanced Life Frequencies systems, you can now have the most powerful alternative health solutions - right on your computer.

If you're looking into Rife Machines, Tens Units or other alternative health devices, you'll find these systems are more powerful, effective, easy-to-use alternatives. 

Whats New?

We've added ZOGG, our free ogg audio player to the Products page. This program lets you play ogg files on Windows PCs.

Customers probably notice that we have a new logo and have "modernized" the website a little bit. We're still tweaking a few colors and adding new buttons here and there. We hope you like it :-)

Product Spotlight - Rife Pro X2

Rife Pro X2

Rife Pro X2 lets you use your computer as a powerful, easy-to-use, advanced Rife Machine. Anyone who knows anything about Rife Machines agrees, Rife Pro X2 is the best system with the most features of any Rife Machine available - at a fraction of the cost.

Rife Pro X2 has over 700 Presets with thousands of frequencies, covering hundreds of health problems. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and you're up and running.

More than just being a powerful Rife Machine, you can structure water and oils for making homeopathic remedies and it has a TBSW system in it for pain relief, insomnia, weight loss, stress relief and more.

Rife Pro X2 Features :


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