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What's New - November 2014

Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but anyone in there right mind has to find it odd that Ebola was in the news every day, with hundreds of suspected cases being monitored throughout the US. Then, right before the elections - radio silence, nothing, nada...

There's something very strange going on! People were starting to panic. What if nobody voted? What if nobody shopped during the "money" season, because of Ebola? How much money would corporations lose? What would happen to the Stock Market? Makes you wonder...

An Ebola Preset is available for our Life Frequencies Professional owners below.

If you don't have Life Frequencies Professional - you can get a stand-alone program for Ebola and Filoviruses by clicking HERE.

If you own Life Frequencies Professional, we've made a custom preset for Ebola, Marburg and Filoviruses. Since there are no limits with frequencies using Life Frequencies Pro, you can make a preset yourself using the built-in Clark Converter. However, we've done all of the work for you and made an installer for the preset as well.

The frequencies in the preset are dual conversion using both Euler's Constant and Octave algorithms with 4 added buffer frequencies.

If you choose to get the preset, just run the installer and the preset for Ebola will be available when you select the LOAD PRESET button in Rife Pro-X.

Click the Get It Now button below to get the Ebola Preset for Life Frequencies Professional.

Only $9.97. Instant Download.


 Product Spotlight - Life Frequencies Professional

Rife Pro-X
Life Frequencies Professional is a life-saving, complete Alternative Health System for your computer. It gives you the latest, most powerful Rife Machine technology that can easily address thousands of health problems.

Giving you the full power of Rife Frequencies, TBSW waves for pain relief and rejuvenation, the ability to structure water and oils for remedies - there's nothing like it - anywhere...

Life Frequencies Professional does more than any Rife Machine could ever do. Hand-held electrodes are no longer necessary, because of special algorithms built in to the software. All you need is your computer, speakers and headphones.

In addition, you don't need to be an MD to use it, although doctors use it in their offices around the globe. It's easy for anyone to use, making it the ultimate alternative home health care system as well.

Click here to learn more about Life Frequencies Professional...

Note* - Customers can login to the Customer Center and download their system any time after purchase. There are also frequency lists, free bonus software and upgrade specials available in the Customer Center.