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Product Spotlight - Life Frequencies Professional

life frequencies pro

Life Frequencies Professional is the most powerful frequency therapy system available. It's full range of features set it apart from anything else. Life Frequencies Professional brings a new and effective foundation to the world of alternative health and it's easy for anyone to use.

Life Frequencies Professional Includes :

  • Rife Pro-X - The latest Rife Technology with over 700 Fast Presets and thousands more with the built in Hulda Clark Converter. Rife Pro-X allows you to use your computer as a powerful, effective Rife Machine. It has more features than any other Rife Machine available.
  • Structure water and oils for making homeopathic remedies.
  • Export Rife Frequencies and Presets to wav audio format for transfer to CDs.
  • Dual TBSW Generator - TBSW can be used for pain relief, insomnia, stress relief, theta healing and more. Simply put headphones on for a few minutes and that's all it takes.
  • Export TBSW waves to .wav format for use on portable devices and get pain relief on the go...
  • Chakra Tools - A complete Chakra alignment and balancing system
  • Ancient Healing Tones - Special frequencies used by different cultures around the world.
  • New Sweep / Step Generator - Built in Sweep / Step Generator for finding your own frequencies
  • Built in Database and Notes - Keep track of your progress
  • Theta Wave Hypnosis Software included as a FREE bonus
  • Expanded Help and Documentation with online videos accessible from within the program

Click here to learn more about Life Frequencies Professional and to buy.

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