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Rife Pro X2 owners get your FREE update by clicking the Version Tab in your programs. Updated 9-19-2015.

The latest Generation Life Frequencies System is Life Frequencies Essentials. The results have been remarkable. Life Frequencies systems have become so popular over the years that we've made a new website for them at

The latest version of Life Frequencies Essentials is 2.8.

* Life Frequencies Professional owners can login to the Customer Center for special crossgrade pricing to Life Frequencies Essentials.

Product Spotlight - Rife Pro X2

Rife Pro X2


Anyone that's done their research on Rife Machines agrees - whether its the little plastic units they sell or a Rife Machine that costs thousands of dollars - they do not stand up to Rife Pro X2 in effectiveness, ease-of-use or features!

Rife Pro X2 came from the award winning Life Frequencies Professional and has all of its Rife Machine features and a TBSW system as well.


Rife Pro X2 Features :

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